Hi! My name is Ryan Laughlin, creator of Rise Over Tech. I teach business owners, entrepreneurs, experts and influencers how to leverage Simple Tech to attract leads faster, launch their products better, and build a business easier so they don't have to hire ANYONE until they hit 7 figures.

Rise Over Tech was born out of a frustration with Tech that so many business owners deal with on a daily basis.

After building 94 membership sites in one year, I was completely burned out. Yes, I'd discovered several nuggets about what Tech to use, what not to use, what issues business owners are really dealing with (not what you think), and what makes a business successful in the digital world.

The problem was, at that point, I didn't want to even think about Tech anymore. So I took a year off from Tech projects and only worked with Marketing clients. But I kept getting constant requests from business owners wanting help with their Tech.

At some point—due to the relentlessness of a client (Amy)—I reluctantly gave in and decided that I had to figure out a way to help business owners overcome all these Tech issues WITHOUT my help. Of course, I thought it was nearly impossible. After all, I'd been mulling over this exact thing myself for years and had never really found a solution... that is, until a year ago.

Back to my story, though...

I was burned out yet decided I was going to figure out how to help business owners "rise over tech". BUT I couldn't go about it the same way I always had. Because helping people 1-on-1 just isn't scalable. And even though I have experience in well over 100 technologies (okay, my 1Password account says 734 logins, so maybe more than 100), it's impossible for me or anyone else in the world to know everything with Tech. Again, even a membership like that isn't scalable.

What's more, the vast most business owners simply cannot afford a full-time CIO or a part-time "virtual CIO" or even monthly Tech support. And since I want to serve people who need exactly the kind of help they can't afford, I had to figure out a different approach to helping them.

Plus, the discoveries I'd made building those 94 membership sites completely changed my mind about how to approach Tech. That's why I needed to figure out how to help entrepreneurs in a whole NEW way.

So I started building world-class memberships. BUT I gave myself a few rules, including ZERO "custom" code. Because all my clients—especially the ones who were NOT tech savvy at all—had to be able to manage them on their own WITHOUT ANY "tech stress".

When I started delivering these memberships using my new approach, I can't tell you how relieved I felt (and my clients, like Amy, felt) because it eliminated almost all Tech issues for them. That meant nearly zero support requests for me. Yay!

However, I was still fielding questions from them that I thought they shouldn't be asking—questions they never would have asked if they took this new approach I was taking. 

That's what led me to yet another discovery, which was even more powerful than the first. Why? Because I realized not only how practical this new discovery was. It was also brilliantly simple.

So I tweaked my new approach again to include these additional discoveries. And that's what led me to start teaching entrepreneurs how to leverage this new approach to attract leads faster, launch their product better, and build a business easier so they didn’t have to pay hundreds of dollars for an “all-in-one” solution or hire ANYONE until they hit 7 figures.

And that's exactly what Rise Over Tech is all about. It's why you're here right now. So, if you haven't done it yet, I invite you to Take the Quiz, and I'll see you on the other side!

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